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Women in the Weeds

Explore the Women in the Weeds, Verano cultivators, edibles and extraction experts, and production professionals—the women behind your highs.

Cannabis Mythbusters

Despite the fact that cannabis is now legal in most states, hazy misconceptions have lingered long after the War on Drugs. Part of this confusion stems from the social stig...
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Women in Cannabis

Although the cannabis industry continues to flourish, the number of women working in leadership positions has been in steep decline over the course of the pandemic. In 2021...
Social Responsibility

Supporting Victims of the War on Drugs

Although cannabis is now legal for medical or recreational use in most U.S. states, a significant number of Americans remain incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses&mdas...
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Cannabis Research & Development

Research and development, or R&D, is pivotal. The constant search for something new, something better, shows dedication to a cause, and a commitment to those that follo...