Medicinal Cannabis to Elevate Your Healing


Medicinal Cannabis to Elevate Your Healing


Bring your medical marijuana card, a state-issued photo ID, and any questions you may have. Then, let us guide you to the products that can best serve your needs.

MÜV is Growing like a Weed: 74 Dispensaries and Counting in Florida

Follow your curiosity to the MÜV Stuart Dispensary, Verano’s first location in the coastal city

At our cannabis dispensaries, we’re lavish with our top-tier focus on hospitality, our premium ingredients, and those who put their trust in us.

Curiosity is

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If you’re anticipating your first-ever marijuana dispensary trip, we envy you. Soon, you’ll get to experience that elusive kid-in-a-candy-store feeling… especially once you’re surrounded by edibles. And if you’re headed to a dispensary, you can expect top-tier hospitality, expert recommendations, and premium products, too.

Cannabis Education for Every Desire, Taste, and Comfort Level

Activated by cannabis curiosity, we can’t help but share our learnings with everyone we meet. So whether you’re a newcomer or a connoisseur, it’s our absolute pleasure to show you around.