Celebrate Cannabis

Cannabis provides many calls for celebration. We celebrate its beauty, efficacy, resiliency and potential. We celebrate progress, and the positive impact it has had on human health & wellness. Celebrate the jobs it has created and the tax revenue it provides communities. We celebrate its aptitude to unify – to bring people together – people of all ages, beliefs and upbringings. #celebratecannabis

Our Mission

Verano™ aims to be the preeminent cannabis brand, and to win the hearts, minds and loyalty of the discerning cannabis consumer.

From Cultivation to Consumer

Cultivation & Production

11 Cultivation & Manufacturing Facilities* 

Brand Distribution

Across national footprint 150+ million in population


85 operational locations* across 11 states
* Includes the contribution from pending acquisitions and the completion of planned construction.

Our Brands

Verano has it all – or at least something for everyone – covering the full spectrum of cannabis products, categories and platforms for both medical and adult-use consumers.
Verano Logo

Verano in the News

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