(the) Essence Cannabis


An expansive collection of both novel and timeless genetics on regular rotation, harvested and cured for optimal taste, aroma and experience.

The Essence J's

1g and 2.5g 5 Pack Pre-Rolls

Experience timeless and classic strains through (the) Essence 1g J’s and 2.5g 5 Pack J’s. All J’s are meticulously packed with ground flower – the perfect companions for life’s on-the-go adventures.

Nectar Vape

(the) Essence flower is cured and BHO-extracted from single strain runs, into full-spectrum, high-terpene and uniquely flavorful resin vapes. It’s (the) Essence of a select strain expressed in the convenience of a 0.5g or 1g cartridge or 0.3g disposable pen.

The Essence Marijuana Xtracts


(the) Essence of flower extracted using ethanol into three time-tested textures; Shatter, Crumble and Wax.

(the) Essence Nectar Cured Resin Gummies

Nectar Gummies

(the) Essence flower is cured and then BHO-extracted from single strains into full-spectrum, high-terpene and uniquely flavorful resin gummies. Juicy fruit flavors paired perfectly with rich and abundant cannabis terpenes from the best of (the) Essence genetic library.

Botanical Vape

Distilled cannabis oil with botanically derived terpenes, (the) Essence 0.3g disposables and 0.5g and 1g vapes pack a flavorful punch and a consistent experience.

The Artist Series

Supported by a growing community of artists from coast to coast, our collective imagination is forever expanding. Because each strain is a work of art in its own right, we’re inviting artists to team up and create with us. If you’re interested in submitting your strain-inspired illustrations or packaging designs, we’d love to connect.

  • Cherry On Top Strain Artwork

  • Punch Cookies Strain Artwork

  • Watermelon Burst Strain Artwork

  • Cherry Punch Strain Artwork

  • Monkeybread Strain Artwork

  • Banana Breath Strain Artwork

  • Pomelo Diesel Strain Artwork

  • Strawberry Guava Strain Artwork

  • Apricot Stomper Strain Artwork

  • Grape Bubblegum Strain Artwork

  • Passionfruit Gelato Strain Artwork

  • Cotton Candy Strain Artwork

  • Strawberry Milkshake Strain Artwork

  • Mag Landrace Strain Artwork

  • Berry Tart Strain Artwork

  • Fruit Pops Strain Artwork

  • Funnelcake Strain Artwork

  • Glazed Donut Strain Artwork

  • Space Mints Strain Artwork

  • B52 Bomber Strain Artwork

  • Cherry Malt Strain Artwork

  • Boston Cream Strain Artwork

  • Orange Pound Cake Strain Artwork

  • Burmese Kush Strain Artwork

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