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George Archos

George Archos

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

George Archos is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Verano. He entered the cannabis industry in 2014 when he was the first in Illinois to receive authorization to grow medical cannabis out of 21 recipients of the state's coveted medical licenses.

George's successful entrepreneurial ventures span a multitude of industries, and he is dedicated to talent development, operational quality and efficiency, entrepreneurship, and leading with integrity as one of the cannabis industry's most respected and influential leaders. A veteran of the logistics and operations sectors, he has extensive experience coordinating complex freight delivery operations and designing and operating successful restaurants.

Leveraging his devotion to quality and a unique results-oriented approach, he has overseen the development of some of the cannabis industry's most successful operations and trusted portfolio of powerhouse brands including Verano™, Bits™, Avexia™, Encore™, Savvy™ and MÜV™.