Administration Methods

Cannabis is an effective alternative for a variety of ailments and conditions, and it can be administered in a variety of methods. Recreational and Medical cannabis users may find that one consumption method is more effective than another or may prefer certain methods for their specific condition.
Each method produces different results. Based on the consumption method, the approximate onset and duration varies. The four main types of medical cannabis delivery system methods are inhalation, ingestion, sublingual, and topical.


Approximate Onset: 0-15 Mins, Duration: 2-4 Hours
Historically the most common method of inhalation is smoking the dried flowers from the cannabis plant. The other method of inhalation is vaporization, which uses a lower temperature and does not require combustion to receive the benefits of the medical cannabis. A patient can receive the safest and healthiest way to consume cannabis via vaporization, with a minimal onset time. The most common forms of vaporization utilize dry flower or concentrated forms of cannabis.
Administration Inhalation


Approximate Onset: 1-2 Hours, Duration: 4-8 Hours
The ingestion of cannabis infused products leads to a more powerful physical and psychoactive effects. After being broken down in the gastrointestinal tract and passing through the liver, the active cannabinoids are delivered into the bloodstream.


Approximate Onset: 30-60 Mins, Duration: 4-8 Hours
By utilizing sublingual cannabis products such as tinctures, infused liquids and dissolvable tablets, patients can bypass the need for intestinal absorption with a quicker onset time than most edibles.


Approximate Onset: 15-30 Mins, Duration: Up to 12 Hours
Topical products include infused products such as creams, lotions, salves, and patches. This form of administration is geared towards physical alleviation of ailments such as inflammation, skin-irritation and pain. The majority of topicals affect only the localized area they are applied to. Very few forms of topical administration, except specialized transdermal patches, deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream to provide a more prominent full body effect.
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